Door Defense Systems

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Diamond-Embedded Armor Plate™

Glass-Guard™ Relock System

Auto Relock System

Door defense systems consist of devices that are designed to deter and prolong a break-in attempt.  Some of the sophisticated systems that Superior Safe uses are:


  • Inner Door Steel: A quality safe will have a full layer of inner door steel.
  • Hardplate Lock Protection: Hardened steel plates are placed between the inside of the door and the lock. Hardened steel is more difficult to drill or penetrate. Superior Safe bonds industrial diamond to the hardplate, creating the ultimate in lock protection.
  • Relockers: A relocker is a device that locks up the safe’s boltworks when activated by heat, force to the lock or by drill attempts. Superior uses several types of relockers:
    • Heat Relocker–S&G® locks have an insert that melts at a low temperature, preventing movement of the boltworks.
    • Mechanical Relocker–This relocker is usually mounted on the back of the safe’s lock. If the back of the lock is forced off, it releases, locking up the boltworks.
    • Glass Relocker–Tempered glass is placed between the inner door steel and the lock. If broken, through drilling or punching, it prevents movement of the boltworks.
    • Remote Relocker–This system is usually attached to either a mechanical or glass relocker, but is located at random locations inside the safe’s door.
  • Lock Pressure Relievers: This device prevents pressure applied through the door bolts from damaging the safe’s lock.
  • Clutch Drive System:  This system is designed to prevent handle pressure from damaging a safe’s inner mechanism and lock.


For door defense systems to be optimally effective, a safe must have a strong steel foundation. Even the most sophisticated anti-break-in systems are ineffective when used on lightweight safes.

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The Superior Promise

Superior Safe Company confidently makes the claim, “A Step Above the Rest.”  This is not a sales slogan, but rather our pledge to you. We stand behind this statement with our guarantee, “If you can find a better safe for less cost, Superior Safe will refund your money in full.”  We define better to mean: level of security, fire protection, quality of finish and workmanship. This guarantee is good for one year following your purchase.

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