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Superior Interiors



The standard interior is the most common gun safe interior. It's the perfect set-up to store  your guns, valuables, documents, coin collections, and more.



The Executive Interior was designed to store anything you would like. Without any rifle cut outs you can store as many files, documents, jewelry, coins, laptops and more as you need.

Custom Door Organizer

All Superior safe models (except the SS Series) come with durable fabric door

organizers featuring pistol holders, mesh and fabric door pockets.

La Gard Electronic Lock

The La Gard® Electronic Lock provides peace of mind by restricting access to firearms to protect family members. At the same time, quick and dependable access is guaranteed should you need to defend your home or family.

  • Manager Mode
  • Wrong Try Penalty
  • Outside Battery Compartment
  • Uses one (1) 9V Alkaline Battery
  • U.L. Listed
  • Made in USA
  • Opening The Lock

    How To Open The Lock

    • Enter valid six (6) digit combination (factory set to 1-2-3-4-5-6).
    • The lock will confirm a valid combination entry with a double signal.
    • Within four (4) seconds, turn the handle to open position.
    • Pull door open.


    INVALID COMBINATION ENTRY – Lock will signal three (3) times.


    • Wrong Try Penalty
    • Entry of four (4) consecutive invalid combinations starts a five (5) minute delay period. LED flashes red at ten (10) second intervals.
    • At the end of the delay period, two (2) more consecutive invalid combinations will restart the additional five (5) minute delay period.



  • Changing the Combination

    How To Change Your Combination


    • Enter “zero” six times.
    • Enter your existing six (6) digit combination one time.
    • Enter your NEW six (6) digit combination two times.
    • If a mistake is made, wait thirty (30) seconds and repeat
      steps 1- 3.
    • Test lock operation several times before closing the door.


    CAUTION: When selecting a combination do not use birthday or other predictable data that could give correlation between the user and combination.


    • Valid Combination Entry – Double signal after valid six (6) digit combination is entered.
    • Invalid Combination Entry – Triple signal indicates the old combination is still valid.


  • Changing the Battery

    How To Change The Battery

    Repeated LED flashing and beeping during an opening indicates that the battery is low and needs immediate replacement.


    Uses one (1) 9-volt alkaline battery only. The replacement of batteries at least once annually is recommended.


    If battery is depleted and will not allow lock to open, follow instructions below. Lock contains a non-volatile memory, even with batteries removed the lock will retain all programming.


    To Change Battery

    • Slide the keypad housing up and carefully pull away from mounting surface to expose battery compartment.
    • Remove the old 9-Volt alkaline battery.
    • Remove the connector by unsnapping it from the two terminals on the top of the battery.
    • Replace with NEW 9-Volt alkaline battery. CAUTION! Hold onto battery terminal connector to avoid pulling the wires out of housing.
    • Carefully position the keypad over the mounting screws and slide the keypad housing down. Ensure there are no wires or cables trapped between the input pad and the safe door. Pinched cables can result in a short circuit.


Sargent & Greenleaf Lock

Sargent & Greenleaf® enjoys a solid reputation of dependable products and unequaled support. Sargent & Greenleaf® has set the standard others have tried to emulate for nearly 150 years.

  • Three Combination Wheels
  • Patented S&G Torque Adjuster
  • Integral Relock Trigger
  • Brass Four-Way Drive Cam
  • How to Use

    How To Use Sargent & Greenleaf Combination Lock

    CAUTION: On rare occasions a combination may shift during shipping. Follow these steps exactly so lockout won’t occur:

    CAUTION: You have a safe that has a LEVER on the bottom of the door that needs to be pushed up to extend the bolts when the door is open.


    • If your safe has a key lock, unlock with key.
    • Turn dial to right until it stops.
    • Retract bolts by turning the handle clockwise to OPEN DOOR BEFORE TURNING DIAL.
    • Open the door 90 degrees, extend bolts to the locked position and try combination with the door open.
    • Try the combination three times with the door open to get familiar with the lock before closing.




    If it doesn’t, leave safe open and contact dealer.

    (Some models are not provided with key locks. Remove tape from dial, turn dial to the right until it stops. Follow above instruction.)


  • How to Open

    How To Open Your Superior Safe

    Always count the number of times the number passes the opening index, not the number of revolutions you turn the dial.


    • Turn the dial counterclockwise (left) at least four times and stop on (1st number)at the opening index.
    • Turn the dial clockwise (right) stopping on (2nd number) the third time you see this number at the opening index.
    • Turn the dial counterclockwise (left) stopping on (3rd number) the second time you see this number at the opening index.
    • Turn the dial clockwise (right) until the dial completely stops at about 87. You will feel some resistance about 97, keep turning until the dial completely stops. Turn the safe handle clockwise to retract the locking pins.


    To lock your safe, your pins must be fully extended. The dial must be turned counterclockwise at least four times to completely scramble your combination. If you experience any problems of have any questions, please contact your dealer.

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